The Babymoon na Wyspach “Babymoon on the Islands” is an original project of the Hotel Trzy Wyspy***, consisting on a comprehensive offer of recreation and education for expectant parents and families with children.

It is carried out in several stages and fields, but ultimately it is aimed at rest, regeneration, education and rehabilitation for families with children or expecting parents. We offer SPA, in which you will be able to fully relax and gather strength before the most important task of family life.

The main assumptions of the project:

  • Babymoon Vacation on Islands:

“The last vacation before the stork arrival”

This is the way we call the last vacation before the childbirth. This type of relaxation is very popular overseas and in European countries it becomes increasingly popular and gathers crowd of supporters from year to year.


  • rest and regeneration (SPA during pregnancy)
  • relax still for two
  • climate change
  • improvement of the physical and mental condition of both parents
  • approximation of parenthood topic
  • return home with joyful memories and souvenirs.
  • Rehabilitation of infants and young children

In Świnoujście and around there is a huge shortage of children’s specialists and therapists. Centers supporting development of the child are functioning in the city, but they admit patients diagnosed with disorders entities. This is a long process and as a result children receive rehabilitation after three months of age and older, and children with subtle variations in the development are not eligible for support.

Taking into account early and effective therapeutic intervention, it is very important that the child was under treatment as soon as possible (in the first weeks of life). It is also worth to instruct parents how they can support their child in daily life, how to care for a baby in such way to stimulate child’s proper development at the same time.

The newly founded therapy room for children in the Hotel Trzy Wyspy*** is equipped with the best rehabilitation equipment. The therapy is performed by qualified personnel working with therapists and doctors in Poland and abroad.

The intimate atmosphere and a holistic approach to young patient, as well as free contact with parents allows to obtain much better and faster therapeutic effects.

  • Vacation combined with early assistance of child development

“The combination of relaxation by the sea with the possibility of the child rehabilitation”
The offer is addressed to two customer groups:

  • families with children with mild or temporary psychomotor development disorders or requiring only temporary support.
  • families with children requiring constant rehabilitation due to the already diagnosed disease entity